Samsung Chromebook Review


Samsung Chromebook Review



The New Samsung Chromebook Reviewed

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The New Samsung Chromebook

For Everyone. The Samsung Chromebook is a new computer that helps you obtain everyday things done faster & easier. It starts in seconds, has virus protection built-in, & runs your favorite Google apps plus thousands more. The Chromebook comes with leading Google products, like Search, Gmail, YouTube & Hangouts, so you can work, play, & do whatever you want, right out of the box.

You can easily share it with multiple people- switching accounts takes seconds, & everyone gets their own files, apps & settings. And it’s simple to use. There’s no setup, & your files are automatically backed up in the cloud. At just 2.4 pounds, 0.7 inches thin, & with over 6.5 hours of battery life, the Samsung Chromebook can go anywhere you go. It’s built to stay cool, so it doesn’t need a fan & runs silently. It moreover includes 100GB of free Google Drive storage (for 2 years), a built-in webcam, & dual band Wi-Fi to make it effortless to connect to wireless networks.

About Chromebooks

The new, faster computer that keeps getting better & better.

Boots in Seconds

Boots up in 10 seconds, resumes instantly & loads web pages blazingly fast.

Thousands of Apps

Built-in apps & thousands more from the Chrome Web Store.

No Hassles

Multiple layers of security
so you don’t need to install anti-virus software.

Cloud built-in

Save your stuff safely in the cloud & never lose another file or photo.

Introducing the new Chromebook
(see larger image).

Introducing the New Chromebook

Chromebooks are effortless to use, & don’t slow down over time. They have built-in security, so you’re protected against viruses & malware. They come with apps for all your everyday needs, & keep your files safely backed up on the cloud. And with free, automatic updates, your Chromebook keeps getting better & better.

Automatic updates

Chromebooks automatically update themselves: all of your apps stay up-to-date, & you obtain the latest version of the operating system without having to think approximately it.

Get started without the setup

Chromebooks require almost no setup, so you can go from unboxing to doing in minutes. Unlike other computers, you don’t need to spend hours installing patches & software.

Portable, powerful, coolerpowerful & portable

The Samsung Chromebook’s dual core processor delivers exceptional performance & battery life in an ultra-slim package. And unlike traditional computers, it has no fan or moving parts, which means it stays cooler on your lap & runs silent (no humming, unless you’re listening to music).
Stay connected in-flight
With your Chromebook, you can obtain online at 10,000 feet with free Gogo in-air internet passes. Your Chromebook comes with 12 free passes (estimated $150 value) that you can use over 2 years on domestic US flights. 







Collaborate on documents
(see larger image).
Collaborate on documents

Create documents, spreadsheets, presentations, & drawings with apps like Google Docs, Zoho & SlideRocket. With productivity apps, you can collaborate in real-time with others, access your documents from any computer, & have your files backed up automatically. Access other everyday files using the built-in PDF & document viewer.

More storage in the cloud

With 100GB of free Google Drive storage for two years, you can keep all of your apps, documents, favorites, & settings safe & securely accessible from anywhere. You don’t have to bother downloading & installing any applications onto your complex drive.








More storage in the cloud
(see larger image).


 Oversized, multi-touch touchpad

You can enjoy better control using a large multi-touch touchpad With a glass coating & image sensor it provides a stylish & convenient way to use your Chromebook.








Oversized, multi-touch touchpad
(see larger image).

Full-sized keyboard designed for Chrome

The keyboard is optimized for Chrome with a dedicated search key, a row of web-enabled keys, & a comfortable, full-size layout that doesn’t cramp your fingers.

Simply more flexibility
Simply more flexibility

The Chromebook has a range of ports, including HDMI & USB 3.0/2.0 ports, to enable greater flexibility for sharing data & multimedia playback. Its unique hinge design makes it easier to connect all of your peripherals.

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